This is not disco, this is not jazz, it’s a pure funk bar!
In the vein of Cymande, Breakestra provides rhythm to dance with everything that makes the specificity of funk. A rousing tempo, drums with chiseled breaks, highly groovy bass, simple melodies, guitars that are launching their high note…

All this is complemented by soulful voices like the one of the female singer Choklate, keyboards, wind and brass instruments (flute and trumpet)… the perfect and complete set of a funk band! It’s made for the stage and it will turn your living room into a dance floor!

Founded in 1997 in Los Angeles by the versatile artist Miles Tackett, the group played shows with covers from the 1980/1990 years in funk mode. They released two live albums The Live Mix then albums with own compositions, Hit The Floor and Dusk Till Dawn.

Mixture of old-school hip-hop breaks, jazz and soul, they weave it all on a funk thread played by around ten talented musicians. The influences are many and assumed and musicians come and go in the group among the best ones from the funk/soul/hip-hop stages in Los Angeles. They draw on James Brown, Jimmy Smith, The Meters… Nothing but happiness!

Breakestra is a lot of funk and as much fun, it comes funkafy your life!

Other titles I love

Come on over
With the chanteuse Choclate

Burugudny Blues
Fo a good flute song

Lowdown stank

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