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Dub is a musical genre that combines drums and bass in rhythmic patterns that seem cut with a knife, based on electronic remixes of reggae soundtracks with echo effects and other effects.
Metal is a musical genre developed in the USA and the United Kingdom, favoring saturated guitars and “fat” sounds, approaching hard rock …
Imagine dub, from reggae, mixed with metal, from hard rock: it makes you want to discover the result, isn’t it?

Well, Dub Trio is THE group that allows to marry these universes in powerful compositions, which take us in a universe of their own. The encounter between aerial dub and terrestrial metal.
The pieces are mostly instrumental, like a good jazz but with very special instrumentations and rhythms! In fact their name echoes the trios of jazz.
Dub Trio is a group of Brooklyn formed in 2004 composed of Dave Holmes (Guitar and keyboard), Stu Brooks (bass and keyboard) and Joe Tomino (drums and melodica). They are very good musicians who have made their place in studio recordings for big names (The Fuggees, Mobb Deep, Mos Def, Macy Gray, …) before meeting and starting to do concerts together. An organizer will one day put the title “Dub Trio” on a poster, which will remain the name of the group.
I saw them in 2012 at the Secret Place, small concert hall near Montpellier (France) and it was a heavy one! I recommend earplugs 😉

Their albums start from a dub / reggae style and go more and more towards the metal.
The first one, Exploring The Dangers Of, is quite light, all instrumental, no saturation on guitars… enough to spend a quiet moment on tempos sometimes a little faster.

Where for my part it becomes more interesting is from the second album, New Heavy, where the incorporation of heavy-metal is asserted right from the title.
It attacks very hard with the title Illegal Dub signaling that a metal intrusion takes place in the dub! The ultra-precise play of all instruments and the input of punk guitars on the choruses, are an integral pleasure!
No piece is just average, alternations and blends of fusion, metal, punk, dub and jazz make each one a special nugget. A well round bass serves as a dub frame on which the different musical styles are unfolded with happiness.
We also have the pleasure to hear the first track with singer Mike Patton, mixing head voices and rock shouts to accompany the rhythm and strength of the instruments. A few pieces come to pose a calmer atmosphere pulled towards the dub, with a slower tempo. So it’s a delicate balance really successful for this album.

After a live album comes another one with a somewhat disgusting album cover of bloody red kittens: Another Sound is Dying. It’s my favorite album of this band. The balance starts to go frankly towards the metal, so it will be for you to see what dose you prefer.

Other albums have followed, where the metal takes a dominant position and thus loses in originality, to listen by the more “rock” of you. Surprising titles can stand out, such as Ends Justify The Means with electronic sounds.

Ride the sound, choose your dub / metal seasoning, and enjoy …

Albums to discover!

Other titles I love

Not Alone

Not For Nothing

Bay vs. Leonard



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