Kaolin is a musical materials! It is a crumbly white clay with which the porcelain is made. It is found in the center of France. At this point also, there is the French pop-rock band that took the name of this rock! It’s Rock yes, but not stone!

And the comparison does not end there because the music of Kaolin is fragile and worked as a piece of fine and shiny porcelain.
But moreover, the ceramic must be heated to over 1000°C, and this is where we go from the languid pop to the enraged alternative rock! The contrasts are striking between the tracks from the same album, but even more, in the same piece, they slide with ease and sometimes abruptly from melancholic arpeggios to noisy effusions.

Since 1999 they produced 5 albums and several EPs and singles showing Kaolin is a French Rock group that makes the difference! With originality in the texts and structures of songs. My favorite pieces are those who, starting as a trickle, ending in cataract! The voice of Guillaume Cantillon up there in cryptic spheres (often in falsetto) that stand out on guitars, to heights where the emotion overflows. This is the case of Que tout se fasse at the beginning ethereal, the tension grows with voice effects perfectly mastered for almost 3 “30 to achieve a powerful final. The melodies swell to burst.

My favorite album is Allez demonstrating, in this first release, all the skills of kaolin. We tasted their mood swings thanks to the magnificent piece Calme (which does not stay long) or also Pour le peu. We also relishes the guitar playing on the instrumental title Quand Laetitia C smelling Mogwai group. My favorite song is Que tout se fasse that you can listen here. I let you pick up the album Allez which well worth the cost!

De retour dans nos criques also contains many pearls. We go from the quiet Vide et Silence to the energetic Ne dis rien. It closes with the beautiful Caraïbes, a 7min instrumental that takes us into a musical paradise with white sand beaches and crystalline guitars, then takes off and lets us hovering over this landscape we do not want to leave. The drummer Olivier Valty, has said it is “the story of a life, from birth to death.”

The album Mélanger les couleurs releases less emotional strength despite that it remains in the pop-rock style. We hear Partons vite that was a tube, very close to I Want You of Bob Dylan. That said this album and the next, the eponymous Kaolin, are to my taste a little bland, a little too “neat pop”.

Their latest opus, Un souffle sur la roche found a more pronounced rock and shades that echo their first game. Sans toi stinks of the famous Bullwinkle of The Centurians (Pulp Fiction). Plonger echoed Noir Désir band on a beautiful text, heady guitars and a wonderfull balance.

Texts will be appreciated, in an elaborate French, even on some raw subjects.

A French rock you!

Other titles I like/h2>

Pour le peu

Belle évidence

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Kaolin (fr)

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