Malcolm Braff

Malcolm Braff is an impetuous jazz pianist and has a powerful play. Born in Brazil, where his father was a pastor and missionary, he lived in Cape Verde, Senegal then in Switzerland. His music is a mixture of jazz and world music.

Very early he started classical piano but prefers to play by ear. From 8 years old, he accompanies his father singing lyric and gospel. He grew up in traditional African music as much as in church songs.
Jazz gathered all these influences through several bands with renowned musicians (as Erik Truffaz), resulting in albums with varied influences and sounds. Some albums are instrumental while voices come in complement in others, in African, Indian and other styles. He uses polyrhythms to give a particular amplitude and pulse.

Among his numerous albums and all these athmospheres, I particularly like Voltage. Perhaps because he uses a Rhodes organ and not a piano! The title Rupple Pain takes us on a journey between land, by calm and clear-cut percussions, and the sky, by vibrant and longlasting notes. Other pieces of the opus are more profuse and energetic, whose the powerful 925 sonotones to listen to the beginning of this article.

The Yele album is the recording of a concert with percussionist Yaya Ouattara and bassist Alex Blake realized without any rehearsal! He dives in a dancing African jazz. Together provides a quieter jazz quartet in which I enjoy the swaying and “bossa” pace of the title Djougou.
I let you discover the other albums I’ve selected below.

In a musical inventiveness, with an overflowing energy or by a calm and deep piano, Malcolm Braff takes us into the soul of the world cultures, the soul of humanity, through an open and generous jazz.

Other titles that I love

In Love We Trust
I have found that in an accompanying of Croatia pictures.

Rupple Pain

Bitches of Spain

Albums to discover!


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