Medeski, Martin & Wood (& Scofield)

One of my favorite bands is the trio Medeski, Martin & Wood, sometimes noted MMW.

The group consists of John Medeski on keyboards, Billy Martin on drums and Chris Wood on double bass and bass guitar. This US group existed since 1991 and the talented guitarist John Scofield is collaborating since 1997 for live concerts and on several albums.

I appreciate the blend of jazz, funk, hip-hop, rock, more or less electro samples and the Hammond organ John Medeski which makes me vibrate!
D’un album à l’autre et même d’un morceau à l’autre les ambiances varient et les plaisirs aussi, toujours avec un bon groove avec une basse bien présente.

I saw them in concert at Theater of the Sea in Sète (France), which is a beautiful place right on the Mediterranean sea, outdoor, which was well suited to the atmosphere of their music.

If my favorite album is End of the World Party (just in case), I suggest you listen to the Uninvisible title on the eponymous album which will allow you to enjoy their groove. The title of this album, like the previous one I quoted, shows their quirky and poetic side we feel when listening to them.

The newest album in 2008, Let’s Go Everywhere, is special for kids moving on funky pieces, with the voices of children and easy melodies 🙂

A Best Of album was released in 2006, Note Bleu (Best Of The Blue Note Years) (1998-2005), but other albums have been released since.

I leave you with their joyful groove!

Other titles that I love

The list would be long, but here’s a small selection:
Anonymous Skulls

End of the World Party

Shine It

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