The Blindside Blues Band

The Blindside Blues Band is Blues-Rock! Sharp electrified guitars on Blues vocals and structures.
Mike Onesko formed the band in the early 1990s, after a multitude of other formations, with bassist Greg Chaisson and Jeff Martin drummer. Other musicians have participated in live.
Their influences are Cream, Mountain, or Robin Trower … blues-rock bands of 1960/70.

Aside blues pieces, with or without voice, as I’m Trying, some are more rock as All I Need … They have their compositions but pick up also good classics in the repertoire of blues (Rock Me Baby, Little Red Rooster…)!

The track to the top, Blues In My Soul, demonstrates balance between the deep Blues roots and electric guitars on a Rock slope. We also delight in the singer’s voice, the more perfect it can be for this musical style!

Below there, Child Of The Sun is definitely Rock while Truth Never Lies has less cadenced rhythm. The guitars sometimes have a fat and heavy penetrating sound and on other occasions, a well placed organ just give relief like in All I Need.

In short, a concentrate for lovers of this style, who will benefit through a dozen albums.

Other titles I like

Child Of The Sun

Truth Never Lies

All I need

Albums to discover!


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