the innocence mission

A voice that melts my heart and pure and simple guitars that stir my soul: it is the innocence mission!

The couple in life as in music, Karen and Don Peris, compose songs. They are accompanied by Mike Bitts (bass) and Steve Brown (drums), though some pieces have neither the one nor the other, leaving its place to the captivating voice-guitar duo. Piano touches down gently in some titles.

My favorite album is We Walked in Song, which begins by Brotherhood of Man, which I put in listening to the beginning of this article. It immerses us completely in the soft world of the group.

Their first album was a self-titled EP in 1989 (reedited in 2009), they have released fifteen albums and EP since. In addition to chips of their creation, some albums contain standards, spiritual songs (Christ Is My Hope) or poems set to music and even nursery rhymes or classical (Chopin) revisited in folk-pop style. Among others, in Now the Day Is Over you can hear Over the Rainbow, What a Wonderful World et It Is Well With My Soul
Don and Karen have made solo albums, where sometimes their children play (violin).

They show their heart beyond the music by giving a portion of the sale of certain albums to charity. Their words on a melancholy tone will nonetheless brought to the optimism, through innocuous but profound pieces of stories.

I leave the last word to Inrocks praises:

From masterful and heartbreaking The Lakes Of Canada to the crystalline Snow, some songs completely cleared of effects, rhinestones and decorum collide with plexus, with the quiet strength and the overpowering aura reserved for an unplugged elite, from Leonard Cohen to Johnny Cash.

How these people do they manage to give depth to the melodies as tenuous as Happy Birthday or Song for Tom ? To snatch a melancholy thrill of chord progressions as radiant as those of Love That Boy or Over the Moon ? To encircle choruses with an eternal perfume which celebrate nothing but the fleeting beauty of the moment ? These magicians craftsmen, who perform the same numbers without ever uncover the secrets, have nothing anodyne: they write the soft partition of lives that know singing, and who wouldn’t give up for anything in this humble power.

Other titles that I love

One For Sorrow, Two For Joy

Happy Birthday

The Lakes of Canada
This song comes from the album Birds of My Neighborhood (1999) and was taken over by Sufjan Stevens

God is Love

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