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With their Mr Blue, the Versus band takes us into a story worthy of a Black Series thriller. At the back of Donnie’s bar, we meet the protagonists (the musicians themselves) and the context served by film music, fusion of jazz/soul/funk/hip-hop. Like a Keyser Söze (Usual Suspect), the story go around a mafia boss, Mr Blue, that nobody saw but that everyone fears.

Shawn Washington (Yann Clery, flutes), Charlie Keys (Charles Françoise, keyboards) and Jesus Crisis (Mr. Tos, scratches) come in Donnie’s Bar, run by Donnie Bass (Seb Lawkyz, bass) for a mission with the injunction of Mr Blue “You gotta groove or die!”. The band is grown by Bluce (Bruce Sherfield, voice/MC) Tchiky Wah (Tchiky Jerome Perez, guitar), Mr. Big (Nico Rajao, drums), Ray Waterboy (Gerald Bonnegrace, percussion) and Fenderhodski Aleksander (Aleksander Terris keyboards). They send a hip-hop full of jazz, funk accents and groove.

The project was born by the bassist and producer Seb Lawkyz. He is accompanied by a dozen of famous jazz-groove musicians of the French stage, singers and American rappers. They are supported by a dozen additional musicians for complete live performances. All are great musicians, I would note in particular the flute Yann Clery (probably because it’s my instrument) and the flow of rapper Bruce Sherfield, the narrator of the story.

In this opus, we go from the rap of Mr Blue to the 70’s funk of Marauders and from The Don walks in, a musical stroll through dark streets, to the indefinable Everyday Fever.
We eagerly await the next part of the history which is planned as a trilogy scripted such a film.

Sit at the back of the bar, take a drink to enjoy and immerse yourself in this story full of musical surprises!

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