Yom made me intensely vibrate when I discovered his album With Love (with The Wonder Rabbis). A clarinet with traditional accents, perfectly mastered, upon electronic sounds and rock rhythmic, I thought my heart was going to explode in fireworks! It is, indeed, one of my favorite albums of the thousands that I could listen to in recent years!

Yom, it is outside trips by blends of klezmer, Oriental, Western and other sounds. It is also inner travels through beautiful emotions that move us when listening to this original music.

Yom is actually Guillaume Humery, a French clarinetist whose main source is the klezmer, musical tradition of the Jews of Eastern Europe. Trained at the Paris Region Conservatory, he played in the French Symphony Orchestra and the band Klezmer Nova, before more personal albums. He surrounds himself continually with talented and original musicians. He wins the desire to learn the clarinet when he heard Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev and then realizes that this instrument was also that of his grandfather.

In 2004, he did a duet with pianist Denis Cuniot under the pseudonym Yomguih: The Golem on the Moon. This mixture of jazz and klezmer with these two instruments is really surprising.

In 2008, Yom released a tribute to Naftule Brandwein, a great klezmer clarinetist, like Yom: mix of genres and humour ! In the cover, he looks like a king on his throne imitating a bling-bling rapper, his clarinet in hand! Frankly, if klezmer music is scratching your ears, you will have some difficulty appreciating certain titles, but on replay we are seized with all the finesse of the music and the wonderful qualities of our clarinetist troubadour! And certain tracks, as Kallarash accompanied by a melancholy piano, will quiver you…

The Unue album, in 2009, brings together a team of fabulous musicians including Ibrahim Maalouf. This album goes from an ethereal title like Unue through the jaw harp of Wang Li in Appearance, to the dynamic and rich Crossing. The cover where it appears shaved one side of the face shows this eclectic sources of inspiration and openness that showed Guillaume Humery.

But I would like to dwell on that famous album that introduced me Yom, the extraordinary With Love along with the Wonder Rabbis. He presents himself as a superhero trying to save the world with his clarinet! In an interview with TV5-monde he says he wants to bring the sweetness in the world by the title of the album (With love) but there also needs to get upset from time to time! And he does it in a masterly way in a surge of electro, rock and klezmer with incredible power!
Some songs are covers, under different titles, of compositions in previous albums but with arrangements who blow the emotional potential of these pieces already very good.
I will not give you here the description of all titles which are now on my list best of list because it’s a lot of the tracks on the album! Of course, I present one of them at the top of this page and below in other songs I like.
I have no other advice for you than buy this album and live a crazy dive in what may represent surges of the rage and the love that are shaking the world. But of course, the purpose of Yom is to spread love through music.

The Empire of Love is the next part of With Love, with “French touch” sounds. The titles Rising and Rebirth & Party are very good, the second being good for dancefloors! And other beads await. He presents himself with humor as a sort of guru of love pushing to “cherish an imaginary disco ball, singing all by heart” *!

A word of Yom other creations and sometimes surprising acolytes that accompany it.
The album Green Apocalypse is an amazing mix of percussion, clarinet and jaw harp with sometimes sounds from throat and beatbox. It can’t be explained, listen to it.
The Silence of the exodus, calmer, offers original instrumentals. Songs For The Old Man is more folk and blues, with banjo and bottleneck played guitars, among others, musically depicting the American exile of his father in the 1950s.

I invite you to follow this passionate and exciting artist whose future albums will certainly follow with as many surprises than collaborations. It will be music that come down to the heart! … Questioning himself a lot about humanity but resolutely joyful, Yom offers us what some have called a “cyber Klezmer” and does not hide he would that “love be the absolute center of the journey he tries to compose” *.

Other titles I like

Kaddish For Superman

The Wonder Rabbis

Journey of Life

Albums to discover!


Official Website
Yom (fr)


Interview by Qobuz about the album Empire Of Love

* Interview by Qobuz

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